Ok. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about this. So Fran Drescher, you know, the actress, the show “The Nanny”, the comedien, the activist, the laugh…well, she marries this guy, who she met through Deepak Chopra. He just happens to be the INVENTOR of EMAIL!!!!!! He owns the copyright to the software program that is EMAIL!!! Btw, he invented it in high school in the 70s!!!! Is it me, or is that just wild. Awesome, but wild. I never thought about email being invented. It just seems it was ALWAYS here. Lol.

I mean do you ever think about someone inventing email? I suppose the key word is INVENTED…

I’m thinking, someone made cyber. So where is the cloud, my new running joke. That means somewhere, someone, somehow, made “The Cloud”, and knows where it is!!!! Lol.