It’s 3:35 am. It’s warp speed at very hard work. But I’m ready and geared.

So, I’ve learned I love blogging. The connection, the learning, the sharing.  It’s a chance to be personal, to delve into the mind. So once again, may I ask? What do you think about me starting some other blogs too? 2 are designed for adults only. Both are not offensively graphic (except when warranted).Only 1 of which is not necessarily graphic in pictures, but more imaginative in the mind. The other is, a non sensitive politically incorect or simply no holds bar blog.

It is more vulnerable to be honest, even when it is not your direct or indirect opinon. To learn, than be popular with what everyone else thinks the other person should or is. I’m all about growth. There are many many facets to that about me. What do you think?

I suppose I want to be personal. Question is, do you want to hear it?

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