As you know I’m a very diversified healthy open minded woman. I believe in expansion of thought. That being the case, I’m thinking about starting 2 more blogs. 1) The Truth Inside A Woman’s Head and All The Secrets and 2) The Things We Think, And Never Say

Seeing how 50 Shades of Grey has absolutely nothing, compared to my life,  and I am painfully honest. I think it would be fun. Honest. Insightful. Make you skwirm, and wiggle, and put a wicked glint in your eye. I think it’s time we talk about, yeah, human nature, in all aspects.

Plus, I’m thinking I want to start a blog that is NOT politically correct. Now mind you, I love life and people, all people. However, I want a blog where I can cuss/swear, and state the truth of fact, not just from an objective point of view, but from a hot blooded passionate woman’s, meaning me, point of view.

Whatcha think?

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