As a person who has been “engaged” so very many times. I totally understand this article. I had fallen “in love with love”, with “characteristics of a person”, and or that feeling of “new love”, 12 times. I had gotten engaged 12 times, prior to getting married. In my own way I believed I was “in love” with that person. I believed I wanted to spend the rest of my life with that person. Then somewhere before I said “I do”, I realized I couldn’t commit to the rest of my life with that person, and feel whole. Whole “me”, “them”, and definitely not whole “us”. I was meant to do it once or never. I was fine with the never concept. I was and am fine with not having a child, for I couldn’t picture myself with more than one, and that was very questionable. Did I really want to do that? For I have never been one to feel committed to tradition, nor feel I have some “clock” ticking. I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum.

I always knew there was someone for me. I wasn’t looking. I didn’t need him or her. I was very content being me. Thus, all of my falling for some “part of love”, and not being “in love”. Then, like getting hit over the head, there it was. I had no control. That al9ne scared the hell out of me. I’m a type “A”, alpha personality. What was this no control feeling? Why did I want this person in my life? Why did I feel like we’ve been together lifetimes and have many more to go. My “one”. I was so bad all of my family and most of my friends were certain I simply wouldn’t marry ever.

When I realized I had fallen in love, my first instinct was to run. At the same time, I realized I would be running away from the other half of my soul. I met him one day. I tried setting him up with my best friend for 2 weeks and we got married 2 weeks after that. Eleven years and going strong, through highs and lows and highs again, we still feel that way. Real love exist. So does all the other types. Before you commit to being with someone forever, or for Mr. or Ms. for right now, figure out what type of love it is, not just for you, but the other person too.

Let the Universe guide you instead of you guiding the Universe. I think that’s why I would never cyber date. I am way more organic. But then again, thats just me and how I’ve always been and will be. But in this lifetime my date card is done. I think the next lifetimes too 😉 It’s funny, if you ask him, he would say the same. That is being “in love” with all the person. You, them, and we and us 🙂