I am a Libra. I believe they refer to me as a “true or dual Libra”. This is because all of my houses sit in Libra. A Libra is also the only “non-living” sign in the Zodiac, as we are the scales of balance, truth and justice.

In the Chinese calendar I was born the Year of the Rooster.

Here’s my commentary on this link with a friend of mine 😉

I don’t think anyone or thing has ever referred to me as lame. But I can dig it 😉 Everyone has a lame moment right? Is lame above or below “goober”? Heeheehee 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been told I’m not one to cross. My bite is more to crush and kill, and my bark tends to be silent. I love life and all that it encompasses. As long as no ill comes to good people. I mean good people on the inside, like their soul. I don’t care about the material or external part. I’m good at sports I like. The sport of learning, understanding and communicating with the mind is my favorite and I truly excel there. I do love to row, tennis, volleyball, bowl, batting cages. As an adult, I’m pretty competitive with myself. Which means if I’m playing against someone else, it’s not my goal to beat them, it’s my goal to beat myself. When I love you, like you, befriend you, I tend to be loyal to the core. But, that also means I have no problem being honest, even if it hurts to you. I rather you grow and be truly happy then live a lie because people kiss your ass. I expect that vice versa too. And when I’m with you, you should feel your special and important to me, and feel my love and respect. Otherwise, I’m wasting your time and mine. I’m definitely creative. When people say “do you always think outside the box?” My response is always, “I never believed there was a box to begin with, thus I have no limitations”. As for the grudge thing, that’s the one thing I DON’T do. I don’t hold grudges or get even, that’s such a waste of my positive energy. I simply move on and step over the other person’s hate or spite. I do however tend to never forget though. So I tend to handle them differently after that. More on a leash of a controlled sitiation, rather than trust their expansiveness in thought and action.  Basically less freedom with my time and interest.