You need to read the last couple of paragraphs, which I find most interesting.

It’s a plant. Legalize it, dispense it, tax it. You wanna play, then you gotta pay. You buy booze, smokes, or gamble, you’re taxed. But you don’t hear of too many pot smokers committing crimes. Maybe getting injured dialing the pizza guy, or listening to loud music, or creating stuff 😉 Plus, it would alleviate many of our drug import problems. This doesn’t even include people with headaches or pains who would stop using Vicodin, Oxycotin, or other addictive pain pill or psychiatric pills, in exchange would smoke pot. I say win win.

Use the tax money for the various states needs. Schools, employees, police, emergency personnel, policy, housing, the elderly, animal care and etc. Fix the fucking streets already. Rebuild torn down communities. Reestablish recreational centers. Bring quality education structure that includes music, theater, home education, physical education, the arts. Groups like glee club and science club. Get communities together and kids together in a real social setting instead of the “world wide web”.

Pot is not a “gateway drug”. People who smoke pot, usually don’t do any upper. It defeats their general need of “chill”. Plus, when it’s good pot, i.e. not laced or mixed, they tend to stay true to pot.

If the government controls the program, most likely you will see a higher caliber of pot available. Plus, no more wasted tax dollars policing people buying a small personal use amount in dark places or illegal souces. No wasted time or space in the court system or jails.

I’m just saying. You see more reckless, or fatal crimes commited by drunk drivers, than you ever would see from a recreational pot smoker. These days you see more crimes committed by stealing cigarettes. People just wouldn’t steal from a legal dispensary. It’s no longer taboo, and no one begrudges someone trying to find their chill zone.

I say tax it, increase the economy, and let people chill out and munch a little. Oh yeah, and laugh really hard, for a lot of people. If I recall, a lot of hippies smoked pot and became some of the biggest innovators of all time. Computers, cell phones, better energy usage, many and pretty much all of our electronics, from toilet to kitchen, hospitals, classrooms, cars and more. I think we all know most of those hippies never went beyond pot. If they did, it was a drug of the time, L.S.D., which well, when’s the last time you heard of a recreational pot smoker saying, “hey, let’s do some L.S.D?”

People’s intelligence has evolved. Give them some pot already. Next topic…