Next on my hit list! I already love Ghost Peppers and Habaneros. So this is next!
I’ve been eating super spicy as long as I can remember. I crave the flavor and heat. You start off slow and low. Then you find you have to increase the heat to even notice any heat. They say you get addicted to the heat like a drug. All I know is I make nuclear jalapeño peppers. I combine jalapeño (with all seeds), crushed oiled red peppers (I soak them in a little olive oil to really get some heat going), garlic cloves, turmeric, sea salt, distilled white vinegar. I recycle the juices and seeds, garlic, and spices for 4-5 uses. I can’t keep them in my fridge for 2 weeks because the guys have eaten them all! I also sometimes mix my peppers. I make my peppers one day in the morning and they are already starting to soften by that night. They usually are perfect in 24-48 hours.

So I would love to do something like that with Ghost Peppers. I was already thinking of a Habana oil I would like to make. Maybe an Aoili. However, instead of using mayo, I would like to use avocado. I love thinking outside of the box.

I also own a bbq sauce not in use. So there the possibilities would be endless. A raspberry Ghost pepper sauce. I’m thinking dry out the pepper and grind it. Keep some of the seeds for those who dare and make a custom blend with the Ghost pepper, white pepper, black pepper, raspberry, garlic, molasses, brown sugar (and my other secret ingredients – after all I do own a company – gotta have some secrets) 😉 With the Habanero i could make a peach bbq sauce, great for chicken, pork, duck, possibly goat, and lamb.