I used to wonder if in our lifetimes how many great people we would see.  Great people that have given to the World, to lead, be an example of how to be a better person, be a better species.

It seems in today’s times, greatness is defined by money or success, title or position, or pure materialistic innovation, rather than the embodiment of improving man and enriching his spirit. Man has becomed defined by monetary assets, rather than alturistic strengths and character. I’m not speaking of giving by money either when I speak of giving. I’m speaking of giving of time and connection with others, unconditionally.

Today we lost a great man. One that changed not only a country, but changed the world, and in many ways how we think of the world, and ourselves. R.I.P. Mr. Mandela. May we carry your messages, passion, empathy and compassion of our fellow man, others, and life, in our daily living.