Ok, this has gone viral the questions here are, 1) how is the Victoria Secret fashion show with rockstars and choreography much different than this? I mean it’s ok for women to be mostly naked rocking out, but not guys?, 2) if you’re so offended, change the channel. I personally found it funny. A stranger should not be able to dictate to me my since of humor of clothed, non swearing, non hateful language humor. Get over it! (Ok that one wasn’t a question), 3) Because life can be so serious, isn’t it about time we start poking fun of ourselves? Just saying.

I personally thought it was cute, and yes funny. Nothing was being flashed. It was the same as if they were in swim trunks. If you have any male figure in your life ever, I’m pretty certain you’ve seen them in shorts or less.

Take this ad for exactly what it is, something to get us talking about it, and the bonus of a good giggle.