It just amazes me how clubbing and bar hopping used to be so much fun. I’m not quite certain what happened, but it sucks! I’ve gone to several bars recently and have gone to thousands in my lifetime. That being said, today they suck!

Back in the 80s people were all about having fun. Fun music, fun drinks, good recreational drugs, great afterparties, great sex, controlled chaos of liberation with purpose. Hair bands, punk, pop, R&B, Rap, Instrumental, I think I saw Beethoven jamming with Billy Idol, and Mozart dancing with Donna Summers.

This feeling last until early 90s, mid 90s. Then came Grunge, more suicide, bad economy, bad clothes, bad drugs,feeling of isolation, Internet. Now I don’t blame any of these individual items. Ok, I blame internet greatly, and not even that as much as lack of individual policing and responsibility. I do greatly believe there is a connection, including all of these things though.

This brings me back to modern clubbing and bar hopping. It was rather surreal. 1/2 the people are stoned on mixed up bad shit. 1/4 of the people are texting or skyping to people either next to them or at the same location. 1/8 of the people are trying to get a drink. 1/16 of the people are trying to dance. What’s left are confused.

I found the entire experience boring and sad. Thus I went to a strip club with my hussband and brother in law and that was even worse. There weren’t even girls dancing.

We are making progress but damn, we need to find fun and controlled chaos in our life again. Less stress, more living.

I mean would it kill you to have a disco ball or wands or ANYTHING!!!