Eminem, Jay Z, Biggie Or 2Pac: Who’s The Better Rapper? | The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

I love all types of music. I have no bias. All these amazing artist, tough call. Tupac and Biggie were the poetic flow masters. Didn’t matter where they came from. Jay Z brings grit and swag. Eminem breaks stereotypes and tells his life story like a true story teller. Hmmm… I say tie. But they left out so many other greats, especially the females, and some of the original greats. What do you think?

It’s funny growing up from, Los Angeles during that time period, and knowing and working with some of these guys, a lot of these very people were highly criticized in school and public for “being delinquent”, when in fact they were brilliant writers and speakers. Plus, rap was labeled a “poor”,”street”,”thug”,”gangster”,”uneducated”,”black or minority”,”degenerate” culture. When in fact it was true poetry, being applied to timed rhythms and applied mathematical beats. Not just in “black communities”, but in worldwide culturally diverse communities. I mean I remember Debbie Harry rapping in her Punk Music songs in the late 70s and 80s. It takes true skill to Rap to rythm and tell the story and convey the message.

Modern music is now completely intergrated with that style of singing, rapping and flowing, telling a story. It has no color or sex. It just moves you, whether old school, gansta, or new school, or simple flow.

I’ve heard Asian Rap, Russian Rap, Arabic Rap, Irish Rap, English Rap, U.S. Rap, I think I’ve even heard Spanish rap. During that explosive time in music when everyone was trying new beats and rhythms, it was just electrifying. It was inventive and original. So many great artist came from that time. But, there are some many new artist coming from that time too. They are now mixing Rock and Rap, Classical and Rap, Country and Rap, Contemporary and Rap, a whole new music intergration is happening. I personally think it’s all awesome. I may not like every song, but I love music.

What’s that saying? “Music soothes the most savage of beast”, or “There’s a song for all your moods”, is another great one too.

What’s you take?