Lay’s to roll out chocolate-covered chip

A sweet chip off the Lay’s block: chocolate-dipped chips.

Have you guys heard about these? I wonder if they will be like chocolate covered pretzels? But pretzels are boiled or baked…hmmm. I would imagine you would only want one or two. At least I would. A little too rich for my taste. What do you think? Fried potato covered with salt and coated in chocolate?  Hmmm…

Though like most people I like potato chips once I start eating them. I stop eating them because I hate the taste and feel of grease. The same holds true with fried french fries. However, I love baked seasoned fries.

So maybe there is an idea. Baked fries dipped in a spicy dark chocolate dip, like a fondue. Hmmmm… Just thinking with no rules in cooking. You know me, it’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about thinking there never was a box to begin with. 😉