Unfreaking believable! They really have lost their minds!!!! If ANY one of us constantly went on holiday/vacation and didn’t do our work/aka jobs that we were responsible for and agreed to do, OUR ASSES WOULD GET FIRED!!! Even a CEO and President can get Fired AND Impeached, WTF!!!! They can’t work or won’t work, but they WILL BE PAID WITH BENEFITS!!! Paid with our tax dollars to do nothing!!! Then the 2 days they do work they just pretend to work by screaming and blaming. UGH!!!

They need to limit terms. They must only earn minimum wage with no added benefits. That means no reimbursed or paid for travel. No expense account. insurance or paid parking. No driver. No paid for housing.

What they are doing is stealing, in every way, from the very people they are suppose to be protecting and helping. This is done both unintentionally and on purpose with intent to do harm for personal gain.

Just like we have a ballot to elect people, on the same ballot we should be able to un-elect people! Fix this problem right up. The mere fear of the posibility of losing their cush job will motivate them to work! Then they truly would be working for the people!!!!