This just proves my point. Teddy bears are armed with super powers =) I still sleep with some of my teddy bears!  It’s me, my hubby, our doggies, and the teddy bears =) Lol. I suppose I’m really just a kid at heart. My husband is so sweet. He always makes sure I have my sleeping teddys =) I can safely say, I’m sick, need teddy. I’m trying to sleep, need teddy. I’m in hospital, definitely need teddy. Need extra cuddle, we all, meaning me, the hubby, and the furry babies need teddys =)

Probably should have posted this on “Over Share Monday”. But too cute not to share =)

To me Teddy means all the world will be better. The dogs are like that smells like mommy and dad. To me and my hubby it means sweetness, love, and happiness. They are comforting.

If you don’t have a teddy, I highly recommend you get your special teddy =)