As a total techie junky, I am always trying to stay ahead of the curve or on the ball. That being said, I have recently ended my Apple obsession/relationship that I’ve had for the past 14 years. I had the iPhones, the desktop computers, the laptops, the iPads. All things Apple.

I have now done the switch. I use a Galaxy Note 2 and a Toshiba Touchscreen laptop with Windows 8. I don’t need more than that. I might get a Galaxy watch. Jury still out on that one (will keep you posted).

In case you didn’t know this, Windows 8 is optimized on a touch screen laptop, tablet,  or smartphone. It’s quite simple, Android technology is far superior in today’s multi media world. Plus, most apps are free. Did I tell you how easy it is to intergrate the hardware and software. Plus, the graphics rock =) What a real change!