I bet you I can totally make you laugh this morning. Mondays are no longer to be referred to as “Manic Mondays”, they are now to be referred to as “Over Share Mondays”!

For instance I am a total hoarder of certain things. Perfect example, every time I go to the store I seemingly must buy toilet paper. It doesn’t matter if I need some or not.  Another great one is I’m obsessed with condiments. I always have back up Dijon Mustard, liquid smoke, Worstershire sauce, various hot sauces, and mayo.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget and I’m totally obsessed with deodorants, as well my eyebrows.  Let me explain.  At any given time I will have 5 to 10 deodorants of different scents in my bathrooms or 2 in my purse. I would say I definitely have a thing about any body odor! I must smell good =) Then there is the obsession with my eyebrows. I think I might need therapy just for that one, lol. I probably have 10 pairs of tweezers, wax strips and creams for them. I tweeze them at least once a day, sometimes twice. It’s seemly my thinking time. I have to have research books in each bathroom too. So yeah, I have issues. I’m pretty certain everyone has idiosyncrasies.  Now you know just some of my funny ones. The key here is some =)

Oh yeah, I know you folks are on some social media, or around the water cooler, or in a bar or on the phone right now and having an over share day =) Heeheehee.

The name of Monday has changed folks. Just like you have “Crazy Tuesday’s”, “Sexy Beast Wednesday’s”, “Throwback Thursday’s”, still working on Fridays, lol. Monday’s will now be deemed, “Over Share Mondays”.

Have a great Over Share Monday =-D