My best friend was asked to write a college paper in Sociology on racism. Specifically, if you were White how that has been an advantage for you, and if you weren’t White, how that has been a disadvantage for you.

Now mind you this is soooo inappropriate and invasive. It is something that is trying to push the professors beliefs, using his platform.

My responses:

I thought about what you asked. Your teacher is trying to be provocative, yet is coming off more ignorant than anything. So what you need to do is school him & the class on the subject. It will make you shine.

I would start off by saying something to the effect , there are no countries called white, yellow, brown, black, LGBT + etc. Therefore, modern racism in itself is created, taught, & executed, by fearful, ignorant, + hateful people. Modern racism is also very different depending on what part of the U.S. you are in.

On the West Coast, your racism is anti Asian and Mexican. Depending on politics can include any Arabic, Asian or Eastern (Russia) country we are at war with at any given time.

Let’s define the Asian racism. Do to certain laws and testing, Asians have pretty much taken over high end schools and certain neighborhoods and industies. Thus, creating a barrier between them and everyone else.

Let’s define Hispanic. There are four types of racism here. On the West Coast you have crime racism, territory racism, and the boarder racism. Profiling. You also have Hispanics vs Blacks.

You go North, it becomes Asians, and Canadians (and all their imports).

Then it changes again. We go to the Midwest, it becomes racism of Mexican and American Indians. You go North toward Illinois, it starts to become Irish, Italians, Blacks and Whites.

You go to Texas or Central South you start hitting serious reverse racism, but this also includes sexism. Mexicans become enemy number 1, followed by all things foreign, then Blacks, then Women. This however is met vice versa head on.

Now we start going  Southeast. Let’s start w/ Florida.  It’s enemy anyone that can travel by boat to our coast.  This would incl Cubans, Hatians &etc. Don’t forget  intolerance of LGBT + the strong intolerance for most religions.

Head north, definitely start mixing it up Irish, Italians, Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Whites, Germans, Canadians, Asians, and by gosh do not forget the Puerto Ricans!

You can hate him. But this is a topic that can shut him down and make him look like a total idiot! Have fun.

Then if you want, you can tell him and your class that your closest friend is Black, White, German, Egyptian,  Choctaw Indian, Whole Jew, Whole Catholic and was born and raised in Los Angeles and has lived in the various parts of the North America and is an International Blogger and no one notices my skin color or sex, ok, maybe my sex. Everybody just assumes I’m their race =) They notice just me! That should totally fuck up his ignorant ass!

I always find people who try and hide behind their title and inject their beliefs idiots and comical. It makes it easy to take them down. =)

End of our conversation.

Now the reason why I share this with you is because people crack me up when it comes to racism. It is such an ignorant subject. So is sexism. There is no country called White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Brown, Man, Woman, Child or Animal!!!!! There is no country called Catholic, Jew, Buddha, Muslim, Baptist, Mormon, Athiest and etc. There is a planet inhabited by man, woman, child and creatures. The sooner we start realizing that and taking care of each other, the sooner we will evolve to better beings of various species as a whole. Enough with trying to create sub species and micro species!

What do you think?