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Walmart issues a statement saying “After consideration and more information, we would be honored to have this gentleman back in our employment. Though we have a policy in place, each case should be reviewed individually. We have reached out to the gentleman to offer him a job (the former one paid $8.70/hr), and so far have been unable to reach him.”

Now mind you this happened after the story went viral in disgust of Walmart on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news channels and other media outlets nationwide and internationally. Thanks to you guys and other readers, we made a difference. Our voice and dollar matter! No matter how great or small.


Wal-Mart worker fired; helped crime victim

Ex-employee says Wal-Mart fired him after he tried to help woman being attacked.

This is one of the many things wrong in the world. What if that woman just came off her hospital work shift or had a child that needed meds? We don’t know and the employee was saving her life while she was being attacked. He gets fired?!!!!

It makes good people scared te help their fellow man. This is about Walmart’s bullshit policy and their insuance, so they are not liable and can’t be sued, versus saving a life. Absolutely pathetic! SOOOOO VERY WRONG of a major family oriented 24 hour store to do that.

Since when did saving your corporate ass trump saving a life. If this had happened to a major share holder I bet you they would be singing a different tune!!! What would they have done if she got killed in the parking lot? What’s the point of all those “cameras” in their parking lots if not to help their clients and catch criminals. Or are they there just to serve Walmart? WTF?!!!