Hey there Everyone. Today has officially been one pain in the ass after another day. You know those. When you’ve woken up with the best intentions and it’s still off. I’ve been off center all freaking day long. Ugh! I’ve been so off, EVERYONE from my doctor,  husband,  brother in law, even my regular clerks at the grocery store have asked me, Are you ok? Huh? I suppose I wasn’t my super perky self and EVERYONE noticed =?

Missed breakfast (and I made it – extra spiced pancakes)! Late for doctors appointment. When I got there the receptionist was convinced I didn’t have an appointment. She was wrong!!! Tried going to church just to have some special God and me time, got freaking temporarily lost. Zero good music to be found between the radio and satellite radio while driving all over the place!  By the time I found my church and got my bearings, no one would let me over (as I was in the wrong lane in the wrong direction). I was in a rush to run errands and had to pee desperately, so I  couldn’t make it. Went to the pharmacy, they were out of one of my medicines (a really common anxiety one!!!) and the other 2 weren’t ready. Went to grocery store, freaking packed with people having monster carts, one dude aisle stalking me, and 2 check out checkers checking with at least 15 full carts in line!!! Checked video box rentals, crap for movies. Tried to load vehicle as a super scary creepy man was just sitting in his car staring me down acting crazy and suspicious, calling me baby and talking to himself (thought he was very high and possibly dangerous – you never know these days) got in car and ran home! Have to go to a different pharmacy tomorrow. Walgreens SUCKS!!! Called to schedule a car detail at dealership, was told it can take 4-5 hours AND they don’t have loaners anymore! WTF!!! Begged to make sure they can bring me home and bring me my vehicle when done. Went to Home Depot bought new light fixtures and piping for installation of new vanities for master bathroom remodel. Found out construction team forgot to install new electrical boxes in bathroom!!!! WTF!!!!!! Construction team  will be back at crack of dawn tomorrow, oh yeah =-/ F*cking washer broke on piping for new sink installation!!! Crappy football game. Now I can’t find my damn eyeglasses!!!! Ffffffk!!!! Too tired to fight with mosquitoes to check SUV to see if they are in there. I turn on my subtitles in English at night so I can watch TV and blog =) super late with very little volume and keep track of the show/movie/news (it relaxes me + I’m a huge multi tasker), this way I’m happy and my husband is happy. Pretty certain they are. Haven’t even had a chance to check emails or blog (which I love to do) or do my r&d for new company. Then I open my effing mail to see my electric company didn’t receive my payment and its some crazy 10 day notice. It’s not due until the earliest tomorrow and the latest by the 25th!!! But I paid it already I think =/ Did I tell you the pharmacy lost my anxiety prescription?  Thank goodness my doc just wrote me another one =)

As you can tell I have a lot of curse words I would like to use right now. Life is great but some times you just gotta cuss some days out =) As you can tell also, I tried to spare you the exact words I’m thinking. It’s funny I only speak English fluently and muddle through a few others, but I can cuss in 4 to 5 languages. Now would be one of those times. LOL =)

Then my friends are like Leila, it’s a full moon. GREAAAAAT. I don’t know if it is or not, but it has definitely been crazy.

The highlight of my day was tons of hugs and kisses and some Chai tea done properly of course, with a side of freshed baked German Chocolate Cake. Yes, it was one of those days!!

What’s it like when you have one of those days?



The two meals I made for the guys today. I had ZERO!!!!!