Here’s your beauty tip of the day.

If you drink lots of tea or coffee (I’m guilty of both), to lighten stains, prevent stains, or get rid of them:

Rub the inside of banana peel on your teeth.

Fiberous foods such as yams too

Or –
Only use WHOLE MILK! in your coffee. This will prevent the tannins from perpetrating your teeth. It must be WHOLE MILK!

These were the recommendations from the Dental Society on the news yesterday.

Someone just asked me if I’ve done any of these?  Here is my response:

I know when I used to eat a lot of pineapple my teeth were always super white. I ate Tahitian Pineapple as it has 0 to very little acidity. The reason why I think pineapple works so well is because it is fiberous, acidic and its enzymes. So I know that works. My aunt loves strawberries with seeds (that’s the key) and she had neon white teeth. We all ate yams (once again fiberous and enzymes), so I’m sure that helped. I heard about the banana peel trick from another source as well, a natural remedies blog (so seeing how I heard it from both a medical – M.D., and homeopathic source), it probably works great. I just started the whole milk thing. I was recently advised to drink whole milk instead of skim for so many reasons from a team of doctors, I’ll keep you posted on this one. I’m not fond of papaya or oranges so I’ll let you know from my readers on that. =)

Just remember it has to be these exact whole items. No orange juice, or canned pineapple for instance.