Absolutely crazy! Can you imagine how old a creature like this is species wise? There is still a whole world, as if it’s a different planet we don’t know and probably never will, in our ocean. Makes you wonder huh?

I’m so fascinated and yet frightened of the sea. I’ve surfed, sailed, yachted. Swam with Manawar (sp?) (mean jellyfish) on accident (Florida). Swam with Great White Sharks up very close on accident (California). Swam with Tiger Shark (Hawaii) up too close at night. Sailed amongst a school of Dolphins (Texas), they love loud Beatles music. I’ve kissed and played with Stingrays (Grand Cayman). I’ve ridden Dolphins too (Mexico). Now I have two baby rescue turtles from my pool in an aquarium.  I have baby frogs, lizards and snakes in an around my pool. I’ve accidentally swam with some snakes both in lakes and my pool.

Now, I love sushi. So I figure, A) ALWAYS RESPECT THE SEA AND ITS INHABITANTS, animal and plant, even the water itself. I see the water as another living creature. B) Don’t go looking for them. C) They seem to be very instinctual creatures all with a soul, I dont care what anyone says! Because sometimes it’s been that time of the month for me too! All that being said, I surely should be dead or injured as part of the food chain. Just saying. God must clearly have a bigger plan for me. I have always had a weird urge to swim with a Great White Whale. I don’t know why. I just know I should. I’ve been on boats and they have swam within touching distance and under my boat.

But, if I saw a giant oarfish next to me, I don’t think I would panic, but I sure in hell wouldn’t be trying to be social with it. I would just let it go on it’s way. Get the hell out of the water and then freak out! Lol. So me.