This has to be some type of mental illness! No family needs to have 20 children! Especially in the U.S.! They have no farm – even farmers have control. If they want another child so badly, why not ADOPT a child that desperately needs or wants a home. That would make some sort of sense. But to keep having children, so many and so often, that your eldest are giving you grandchildren, is both selfish and reckless. It is obvious that the Duggars (Mom and Dad) are suffering from some serious mental issues, they are either addicted to some seriously destructive infamy, or are simply suffering from some other disorder, and or brainwashing,that involves children and creating them. Why no one has stopped them is beyond my grasp.

As far as I’m concerned they should have stopped somewhere around 6-10 max. Then freaking ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!!!! So many children world wide are homeless, starving, or simply need a loving home! These people absolutely infuriate me!

Plus, I don’t remember anywhere in the Bible (as they are Christians) saying she couldn’t get her female reproductive organs tied or his fixed. So I call total BULLSHIT on trying to say that! Thus, bringing me back to a major dangerous mental disorder on both.