As some of you may or may not know, I like to have a pretty cold house. Somewhere between 65-70 degrees year round. My house is commonly referred to as “the cube”. That being said, my bedroom where they are doing the remodeling is so cold, you would think there was a damn ghost in here. I think I can almost see my breath. My brother in law asked if we were planning on hanging meat? :-/ Every night for the past week or so, it’s so cold, I’m in a freaking tshirt, bra, hoodie, sweats and socks, under a comforter and 3 blankets and sheet. Even our dogs are in tight balls! My hubby is wrapped like an enchilada in blankets. I even have hot tea on the side of the bed. Then in the day time, either cold (unusually), or hot (normal) wth!!! I mean I know I have really low blood pressure and body temp (with warm hands usually). But damn, I have my hoodie up just to cover my now frozen ears. My ears feel like I need ear muffs! Wonder if I can find my knit gloves =) We lived in Lake Tahoe (on the Nevada side) in the snow season and it wasn’t this cold. (If you haven’t been I recommend going. It is considered one of the prettiest lakes in the nation and one of the top cleanest in the world.) Chicago during winter, was not this cold. Meanwhile, the rest of my house is normal! Lol!