Had an AWESOME birthday. We realized this morning that I have not used a Windows operating system since Windows 98 first came out practically. Lol. Thank Goodness I have a touch screen or I would be totally lost 8-?

I see tutorial in my morning today 😎
Then it’s golf, football, fantasy football (I’m playing my brother in law – lots of trash talking – Heeheehee), and racing. Woot hoo 😎 There will be some serious screaming and laughing going on today w/ some killer food too! Meanwhile I’ll be playing with my new gift too.

One of the other gifts I received was a super facy electric hot water pot, as I drink a lot of tea and coffee and like my water to be blazing. I actually think they bought that so I wouldn’t hold up movie time as much, lol =) But damn, it makes my water hotter than max stovetop hot! AWESOME!  Then my hubby also got me a cup that keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 8! My kinda cup =) I definitely will be blogging today. Miss you so. Plus, no workers today =)

Have a great morning and awesome day. Remember that you are loved and special. Rock on and go seize the day. Carpe diem baby. Own it! It’s your day for the taking [[[HUGS]]]