Well I just had an exterminator come by my house, who was working on my neighbors. Apparently, the U.S., particularly in unusually hot states are experiencing a major rat problem and a new problem.

We now have the African Bee breeding with our domestic non agressive bees and Honey Bees. African bee aggression + Honey bee size. So that’s the same as a Mastiff (200 lb dog nice temperment) + an agressive Pitbull (80-100 lbs.) They are so agressive they will chase you down individually or swarm.

My gardner won’t go to my back yard, or side yard because of them (as he kindly informed me yesterday. Apparently the hot and hummid weather is not just mesquito heaven, it’s baby bee making weather! FK!!!!!

And of course I’m allergic to them with no epi pen =/

I see pro terminator and external wall repair in my immediate future. Hmmm…