In a great mood. It’s my birthday today. I received a new touchscreen laptop and other girlie stuff =) It’s totally badass. I’ve now retired all of my Apple products (iPhone4 and MacBook) except my iPad which I seldom use and done the conversion to Android (Galaxy Note 2) and Windows 8 (Toshiba 15.6″ Touchscreen). So loving life.

Apple used to be a pioneer in technology, now it just changes colors. I need performance. I am so happy. I may upgrade my phone and software,  but I’ll be touch screen for a little while =)

Enough of that, have a great day and expect a lot of new post coming soon.
I’ve been collecting crazy info. Just haven’t had a chance to post. I will try this weekend and week for sure now that I have my new baby.

I’ll keep blogging and keepping it informative, fun, eccentric, edgy, and a little bit sexy (and sometimes a touch of raunch), and of course real and classy.

As always remember, “It is what we hold inside ourselves, which is the key to our individual successes”. – Leila

Basically, “Beauty is only skin deep,  but ugly is to the bone”. You have to be good on the inside and project it, in order to be truly beautiful and successful.

Sending pure love out to the UNIVERSE and EVERYONE.