As you all know, I am crazy busy. Between home remodel, business launch, blogging, cooking, preparing for major media blitz [will keep you posted when I launch 8-)]

As far as I’m concerned, because of my love for cooking, I much rather cook every chance I get rather than do fast food or processed.

So started our day with toasted buttery croissant, filled with sautéed in butter honey ham sliced super thin, Aged Vermont White Cheddar slice, fluffy scrambled eggs (2 eggs whipped with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, a teaspoon of water. Scrambled in a tablespoon of bacon fat). Side of crispy maple bacon.

Lunch, toasted 7 grain fiber enriched bread, olive oil mayonnaise, Aged Vermont White Cheddar, sautéed honey ham, sautéed oven roasted turkey, Aged White Vermont Cheddar, coarse sea salt. Side of barbecue chips.

Always remember a recipe, any recipe isn’t meant to be final fact. It is meant to inspire. For true cooking is all about creativity. A pinch of this or a pinch of that =)