I am pretty certain I am passing me in the hall, on the way to the bathroom, in the middle of the night, walking to the kitchen for water and etc. I don’t know what I would do if we had little kids.

Fortunately, I have never been big on sleep. The only time that changes is when my body needs to heal or I’m extremely deep in thought and planning.

I’m more of a cat napper. It is in my hyper mental speed and when my burst of super human energy reveal itself, that I truly shine. So in that light, when I’m super busy and simply collapse from exhaustion for a few minutes, or a couple of hours, or there is a serious crisis, or I’m truly developing something do I shine, thrive and explode. That’s probably why my friends always say if the zombies come they want me there. Or my husband calls my McGyver. I just think well and act well at that kinda sonic speed. Thank God. =)