Report: States with the worst health coverage

24/7 Wall St. looks at lowest rates of health insurance coverage state by state in 2012.

Why does it not surprise me on some of these states. Texas is in far worse shape than the media says when it comes to health, education, jobs, housing, inflation, religion, rights, women, and etc.

It is trying it’s darnest to go backwards in time and rights and create a retro idealism. This idealism sets women, ethnics, religion, education back, starting a minimum of 50 years. It’s down right archaic and ignorant with no shame in sight.

The saddest part is so many in the younger generation don’t know this farce being taught and think it’s right. Thus, perpetating this biased and archaic thinking in so many.

At this rate, it is really taking an opportunity to educate the young to compete on a wordly level and be succesful, and throwing it all away on a dated, uneducated, unrealistic idealism from over 50 or more years ago. What a waste.