Happy Saturday or Sunday where you are.  =)

It’s hard enough to think of others when it’s during the week. But I have found most people simply do not want to think of others on the weekend. They deem that time as “their time”, “me time” and “what they want to do time” or “have to do time”.

When in fact there is enough time in EVERYONE’S schedule, with the exception of very few, to make some time, rather great, limited, or small, to help someone else. You can do that by just saying hello to a stranger. Giving a complement, asking how someone’s day is and etc. Of course there is always volunteering. There is always charity work, mentoring, time or money. The point is to do something, anything for your fellow person or animal. Conect to others and your environment or abroad. DO SOMETHING!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can not help but to receive when you give to someone else”.

The Bible says, “give and you shall so much receive”, or, “it is in giving that we receive”.

You can find that stated in all religious and cultural believes. We need to leave the “Me, Myself, and I” thinking behind. We need to start thinking “We, Us, and Our”.

The WORLD is too self destructive in the “ME” and is stopping growth in a positive way, and in fact growing in a negative way following this trend. We are killing ourselves. This MUST CHANGE,  for survival and evolution.

I wanted it to be noted that if you are on the receiving end, be nice and grateful. Someone is taking the time to care. Time is the most valuable commodity anyone has.

Point taken. Was going to give a young lady a sectional couch for free. She told me she would be back latter that day to pick it up. Well, I didn’t have her phone number, she didn’t show up, I didnt know her, didnt know if she was going to come back. Someone the next day picked it up. Well low and behold, the next night, literally at 8:30 she comes knocking on my door. Asked me about the couch, I told her. She tgen asked me if I was giving anything else away, I said “no, I just had a big yard sale a month ago and everything sold”. Not only did she cop an attitute, she got pissed at me, and made me feel badly for no reason. Needless to say, I quickly dismissed that and her. I just thought to myself her crappy attitude is not going to stop me from being altruistic and giving.

So giving I will continue. Everyone is happy.

Now go make your day great!