This is something I’ve always known. Then a few years ago I saw a documentary that was talking about food and medicine (OTC-Over The Counter) and vitamins.

In the documentary they were talking about how sometimes the dates were set by a supply and demand ratio. For instance eggs or orange juice or vitamins. Quite a few items are set to that standard. If there is a surplus of eggs, the date is shorter. With vitamins its about liability and moving product.

You put simply, concerning a lot of foods, use common sense. If it smells bad and it shouldn’t, looks bad, is slimy = bad.

Some foods, like fish or pork, there are all sorts of signs. If it smells fishy, smelly, or slimy = bad

Chicken/poultry, bad smell, bad color, slimy = bad

Meats look up.

Canned goods look up.

Produce and vegetables look up =)

Growing mold, changing colors, slimy, bad smell, sour = bad. Throw away!

The internet has a ton of information. Use it when in doubt =)