With Fall approaching here, and it being my favorite time of year, I tend to cook up a storm. Expect to see lots of recipes and pics 🙂

You’ll find I tend to use a lot of spicy and sometimes unusual incredients to traditional dishes. I need my food to look good, smell good, good texture, taste good and sound good. It must appeal to all senses. I need it to be good, but I strive for it to be great.

Let it be known early on, I’m a foodie, so I’m not limited by religion or believes. Growing up I did both. I simply believe in making great food and not being wasteful. That being said, I am not part of the “Clean Plate Club” either. Nor will I eat something just because you can. You must have balance and strive to eat products that are as natural and healthy as possible.

I personally have low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low cholesterol, low body temp. That being said, if you should not eat certain foods don’t. Simply contact me if you like a recipe, and I’ll give you a variation for your diet.

I find cooking very cathartic and relaxing while at the same time engaging to my very creative side. Plus, it’s sexy 🙂

With all that being said, I will leave you with the thought that I taste my food, but I generally don’t eat my food for a meal. I do sometimes, but not usually.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and use them for inspirations. My grandmother always said the key to perfect food is not following the recipe exactly, it’s knowing when you need a pinch of this or a pinch of that which is not on the recipe list. I’ve always cooked that way because of her 🙂