So as you all know, I am currently in Houston while we take care of some business. What you do not know is next to Hawaii, Houston has the largest flying tree roaches you will EVER see! These things are crazy. They are generally the length of your palm and half as wide. Unlike their cousin who are attracted to dirty stuff, these creatures like wood and paper. They don’t run from you, and WILL chase you down via flying with their hard clicking wings. Needless to say, if I catch one in my house, unlike my buddhist dogs, it’s game on. As I was making my tea just now, one was trying to buzz me in my own kitchen! Leila 1, tree roach 0! Ugh :-/ (fyi, the ones in Hawaii are 1/2 foot size – small bird size).

Also, I don’t enjoy killing anything, but me or them, I can make exceptions! If I saw a Zombie it would be game on too!!! LOL!!!