I simply will blame my rare day on I was gone all day. Ugh!!! :-/

Omg. Do I feel like crap. I ate horribly on Tuesday. I normally eat crazy healthy, but yesterday was horrible. Bagel with Lox cream cheese (breakfast), with large cherry pomegranate slurpee. Lunch, Tex Mex Cheese Enchilada and a beef taco and refried beans, iced coffee (actually no calories, I made that). Dinner, Papa Johns Pizza. Ugh!!! I normally have high protein low carb, barely or not processed foods. I may cook like a beast, but I usually don’t eat what I cook. I can really tell the difference in the way my body feels trying to process the carbs, fats, and processed foods. Tomorrow/today, back to my protein shakes and fruit and veggies. I’m making a pumpkin protein shake. I’m also going to work on a black bean and fruit shake. They tastes amazing 🙂 I’m actually craving my healthy diet, as all this processed food was not pleasing or satisfying to the stomach palette or mind.

Have you ever had a super crappy eating day? If so, how bad?