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Why people share murder, rape on Facebook

Very sad, but interesting article on social media and communication. The evolution. The accountability or lack of.

As much as we rely, utilize and enjoy social media and technology, myself included, there is a much darker side to it as well. One that we have only begun to see.

With these new technologies and endless accesibilities, new forms of crime have evolved, some with annonimity and others braggert. Both designed to feed the egos of the depraived. They have created an alternate existence of which they are glorified and adorned, rather than live in reality and the truth. Rather than improve themselves for their own betterment and happiness and contribute to society and others, they immerse themselves in self pity and and hatred and seek false accolades and acknowledgement for their self perceived superiority and entitlement.

This article talks about something we really need to monitor as individuals and as a society. Technology,and social media can bring the world together, but we must be very cognizant of the very real human factor behind the technology. The “Wizard” in “The Wizard of Oz”, not just Oz.