105 children rescued from prostitution ring

FBI sweep snares 150 involved in child prostitution rings, rescues 105 children.

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Amen that these children were rescued and their pimps (men, women and in some cases their own parents) arrested across the U.S. Please look for this on your news channel. This affected kids from all demographics, race, economics, age, and sex.

CNN reports “Backpage” and “Craigslist” are huge contibutors to this epidemic. So, it could be in your neighborhood and you not even be aware.

There is an app called Life360. It will tell you what crimes and criminals are in your area i.e. sex offenders, robberies, burglaries. They have a free version. It also will let you know where your family member is (or their phone). It also has a panic button on it and other features.